nobody told me
growing up is growing out
your love unfurled in all directions
new rug in an old house
creating warm paths to tread
as footprints grow cold

make no mistake, I’m not talking of wanderlust
that gaping-eyed desire for the exotic
this is what comes after
when the streets grow unexciting
the skyline more comfortable than compelling
this is the love that lasts

you plant pieces of yourself
everywhere you wander
with each movement,
in each moment,
you can slip into a memory
just as easily as you slip out from the party
you move on
the world turns
the love stays

loss, they say, is a side effect of love

a love that spans continents
is left in the pocket of your best friend
when you hug her goodbye at your last brunch;
a love extended over latitude and longitude
is draped over the dorm pillow forts
when you say, “forget your 8am, this is college”
and surely, this love knows the greatest loss of all

you see,
when you leave your love in different cities
you are always missing someone
for every friendship you form,
you fracture a little more
and if home is where the heart is,
you are forever condemned to


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